There is a proposal to increase entrance fees at 17 National Parks, and Acadia is one of them. The entrance fee can be increased from $25.00 to $70 per car, from $12 to $30 per person and from $20 to $50 per motorcycle. I mention the park entrance increase because it could either positively or negatively effect Camden Maine and the local tourism sector. I put this discussion out there for the many committees that have evolved in the last 10 years, CEDAC, Camden Connect, Camden Area Business Group,  Camden Communications Team, Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Camden Premier Inns, The Camden Lodging Association and who ever else meets to discuss tourism in Camden Maine. The Camden Select Board is also encouraged to discuss. It is a reality that Camden Maine is a fantastic location, but it is also a fantastic stop over to the National Park. What happens to Acadia should be considered in Camden Maine. I have mixed feelings on the increase but want to make all those interested in the economic engine of Camden tourism to be aware of the short window of opportunity to discuss and act on this proposal. I encourage the think tanks of Camden to discuss and submit a letter to the National Park Service.

The public has until December 22 to submit written comments about the National Park Service’s fee increases through its website at To comment, you can also use the “Document List” or “Open For Comment” project links in the left-side navigation menu. Open the document and use the “Comment Now” button. Written comments can also be mailed to the National Park Service, Recreation Fee Program, 1849 C Street, NW, Mail Stop: 2346 Washington, DC 20240.


The Increase in fees can indicate the importance of maintaining a park and the acknowledgment that it is an asset to the country. A clientele that appreciates nature will still come and support the park. This client is a welcome addition to Camden.


The increase in fees could force travelers to make as little as possible stops along the way, or not visit the Park all together.