Large Vegan Gift Crate of 12 Bixby Bars-artisan chocolate bars

Large Vegan Gift Crate of 12 Bixby Bars


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Product Description

These have become Kristi’s room chocolates. Finally a small local organic pillow chocolate for Windward House B&B. These chocolate bars are a fantastic addition to an island picnic, to treat the kids for behaving on a cruise, or simply as a snack you don’t have to feel too guilty about on the long stretch between your morning yoga, your run and helping the kids with homework.

Vegan Chocolate Bar Assortment

Four of each of our three vegan flavors: Birdie, Heart’s Delight and Whippersnapper Bixby Bars, are included in the 12 piece gift set.4 Bars of Each of the four Vegan Flavors we sell.

This makes a great gift for the vegan in your life – even if that means you!

These are also offered for sale at our organic products store where you can find your favorite non-toxic cleaners, like Mrs Meyer’s and Better Life Whatever All Purpose Cleaner, organic supplements and omega gummies for the kids, snack bars, soy candles and more….


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