Organic Candy Bars – At Last! Great Pillow Chocolates!

Organic Candy Bars

she needs an organic candy bar

She Needs A Bixby Bar!

Organic Candy Bars

Calling this candy is a bit of a misnomer. But read on…

We have been searching and searching for the perfect pillow chocolates for our rooms – for eight or so years. When we first came, the previous owners put Ferrerro Rocher chocolates bought from a big box wholesale store. They are delicious. They were not inexpensive, and they could be purchased in bulk in Augusta.

Small Local Organic From a Big Box Shopping Club?

Anyone who follows our site knows that we try to find small local and organic products for use in our B&B (and at home) whenever possible. The big box wholesale store just didn’t feel right. We stopped doing that pretty quickly. Given the challenges of running a small, primarily seasonal business in a somewhat geographically remote area (all things we love) it is sometimes difficult to find exactly the right thing sometimes. We buy chocolates downtown for guests celebrating special occasions. But we have had difficulty finding the right chocolates for the room – a little something special to say thank you for staying with us. We serve local and organic food for breakfast and use local and organic ingredients in the cakes and cookies we serve for afternoon tea. We wanted something organic, and local, something that would appeal to the outdoors person as well as the sophisticated foodie, and something that would also be suitable for our vegan and gluten-free guests. Well, we’ve found the perfect indulgent treat.

The Perfect Adult Candy Bar At Last

Room chocolates have been a challenge. Many of our guests are real outdoors people. So we started to leave out organic trail mix bars. But somehow even the most indulgent of those are – well just trail mix bars. Let’s face it – not very exciting on your vacation – right?

Maine Made Gourmet Organic Candy Bars

Imagine A Grown-Ups Candy Bar? High in antioxidants, natural fiber, Vitamin C and Omega-3s

Imagine our surprise at finding a gourmet non GMO fair trade indulgent treat – a chocolate bar with sophisticated flavors and rich indulgent ingredients. And guess what? They’re made right here in Maine – not far from Windward House as a matter of fact. With ingredients like black currents, French Fleur De Sel, organic Cocoa Butter, dried strawberries, almonds, Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa, – it’s a treat just to read the ingredients.
A Chocolate Bar that’s low in calories, and sugar, and has omegas and antioxidants? It’s hard to describe them in a post. They have interesting and unique flavors and ingredients that are what candy would be like if it were made for adults. They are refined, fun, delicious, and indulgent. They’re the perfect gourmet treat. You may buy them online here at and also
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