Just A Ten Minute Drive from Camden There’s Hope

The Hatchet Mountain Publick house is a nice escape from Camden. The food is consistently delicious comfort food. Each time I’ve been there I’ve been tempted to order the same thing twice (the steak sandwich). It’s fantastic. The view is a meadow, and the rolling hills of Hope Maine. I first learned of it bringing my children to soccer games behind the Hope General store at the True Park. I sometimes subscribe to a metaphysical notion that like things congregate together through the operation of hidden or secret forces. This theory comes to mind when I think about those soccer games. The sunsets out there are gorgeous and its quiet and peaceful and what congregates is Hope, True, Elephants and a Publick House.
The Publick House is in an old farm house and barn, beautifully restored. You may sit outside in fair weather, and there is a loft in the barn that we sat in once and felt like we had the whole world to ourselves. The restaurant is also a show room for the antiques they sell. It is tastefully but simply decorated and the colors are muted and lovely. The people are friendly and the service is great. However, since it’s a great place, and there aren’t places for dining out In Hope Maine I would suggest calling for a reservation.

Dining Out In Hope Maine Irish Music and Antiques at the Hatchet Mountain Publick House

As of the writing of this post, the Hatchet Mountain Publick House is planning some Irish music and celebrations for St. Patrick’s day. Check our Event’s calendar for their events.
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