The much adored American sitcom of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) has been on the air since 2005. The show is about a group of friends in New York City. Ted Mosby recants his hay-days of dating to his children. After 8 years of being on the air, the show is culminating in Ted finding his true love – “the mother”. I was delighted to learn last week that Ted proposes to “the mother” at the Curtis Island Lighthouse on Curtis Island in Camden Maine. I live and have my business, the best B&B in Maine, in Camden Maine. I moved from NY City and bought my B&B in 2005, the same year the show debuted. I have enjoyed the show for the last 8 years and feel privileged that the director chose Camden for the climax moment of the show. I have always known that Curtis Island is one of the most romantic places on the earth. In fact, I have designated a place on the island for my sons to propose to their future partners. To get to the Island you either have to sail, kayak, or swim. There is a voluntary sign-in book at the head of the island facing the Town Of Camden Maine. I am definitely making a trip out to the island to see if Ted signed in.

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Curtis Island Lighthouse

The romantic lighthouse Ted proposes at Curtis Island Lighthouse

Enjoy the Curtis Island Lighthouse moment here :