My husband always says I’m a natural beauty and don’t need any makeup… But still – once in a while I like to indulge – to feel a little special. But, like every other decision we make nowadays once you begin to look at the things you buy the habit spreads. We’ve been very focused on sourcing the things we use in our business based upon a philosophy. We look for local products, that are organic, and from renewable sources. When there’s no local source we still look for high quality products that are produced in those same

ways. You can select blush and powder, lipstick, eye liner, lip liner, mascara, even cosmetic tools that are friendlier to you, animals and the environment.

That’s For Your Business, What About Your Personal Life

A good question. Here’s the thing, one of the products we use frequently are cleaning products. We wanted things that would clean well and not be dangerous to breathe or get on our skin etc. The logic goes, if there are cleaning products that are bad for you that are on sale in the store, what about personal care products? Cosmetics? After recently blogging on the wedding site about choosing bridal makeup it occurred to me that the readers of MCM might also enjoy that information.

The answer is most assuredly “yes”. And Here’s Why

There is no requirement that the chemicals put in personal care products are studied or even tested before their used in the stuff you put on your lips, around your eyes and smear on your skin. Thankfully there are some great safe, effective and cruelty-free personal care products on the market. Check out this resource list on how to find the best household green products. So even though the phrase sounds silly ‘the Best Green Personal Care Products’ there’s a need to use words to distinguish what’s safe and healthy, for you, your family and the environment, and what is not. For more detailed and scientific information about cosmetics, check out the Environmental Working Group’s consumer guide to cosmetics. It’s called “skindeep” and is really informative.choosing green personal care products

Thankfully, also there are more and more sources of information on the safety products that are already on the market. A great resource for information is the Environmental Working Group. There you can learn what toxic stuff is in the products you would never expect.

Now – How About that Beauty Without Cruelty and Organic Cosmetics?

How to Be Head Turning Gorgeous – Inside and Out

Here are some great brands you can trust for cruelty free, organic and natural cosmetics:

Alba Botanica, Beauty Without Cruelty, Colorevolution, Earth Therapeutics, Ecco Bella Beauty, Honeybee Gardens, Honeybee Gardens , J.R. Watkins, Kiss My Face, Maxim Hygiene Products, Organyc, Reviva Labs, and Swisspers Organics

I imagine myself as Snow White – from the Disney Movie. Mr. Bluebird is helping me get dressed, and all of a sudden the cutesy bunny looking in from the window makes a horrified face. What could it be? After all I’m only applying a little lip-gloss. Nothing too indecent. It’s a fun fantasy but here’s the thing: Bambi wouldn’t approve of just any cosmetics. What am I referring to? A fact about makeup that all women should be aware of; animal testing. It’s an ugly thing that leads to something you’re trying to use to make yourself feel pretty.

Consider choosing organic and cruelty free personal products for when you want to look pretty. Or even for your shampoo and skin care, -, and especially your sunblock. It is simply one more little thing that contributes to the big thing – a better world.

I’m highlighting a great company in this article called Beauty Without Cruelty. Beauty Without Cruelty has through it’s efforts – courageous and hopeful at the beginning, but not very realistic changed the industry.

Beauty Without Cruelty started out more with good intentions than a realistic expectation. In the late ‘60s there may have been optimism but the cosmetic-industrialist machine was not something to be easily altered. The founders of this company wanted to prevent the cruel practice of blinding rabbits to develop makeup. Kathleen Long and Lady Dowding were devoted animal lovers. It is a worthwhile goal to heighten people’s sensitivity to the pain and suffering of others – including animals. It is a mark of the best in humanity that we can do this.

natural beauty choosing cruelty free beauty productsThese two hopeful people changed the cosmetic world by bringing up the standards for companies and the people who use cosmetic products. Beauty Without Cruetly was actually started by a charitable trust animal welfare organization in 1963.  The goal was was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were not tested on animals (as was the norm) and that did not contain any animal ingredients. The driving force behind the project was Katherine Long, a dedicated, life-long animal welfare activist, a cosmetician, and a vegetarian. Together with Noel Gabriel, Katherine developed the first, full line of cruelty-free color cosmetics.

After Katherine’s death in 1969, Beauty Without Cruelty almost closed its doors but Lady Dowding, a founding trustee, was determined to keep the company and its purpose alive. Lady Dowding, a warm, open-hearted person, was a charismatic leader and BWC continued to grow and influence others.

In 1989, Beauty Without Cruelty products were first sold in the US. People love this stuff and for good reason. This company has high principles – quality, fair pricing and environmental sensitivity. Their skin products are also cruelty-free, with a vegetarian ethic.

Beauty Without Cruelty has a full line of cruelty-free, vegetarian skin, body, and hair care products made with the finest natural ingredients and aroma-therapeutic essential oils, and a full line of colour cosmetics to meet the needs of every woman. Even if you can’t find everything you want nearby, you can find it online. Here’s our online source for safe, organic, sustainable, and cruelty free personal care and cosmetics and beauty products.

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