Winter in Maine means, cold, quiet, snow, hockey, ice skating, skiing, tubing, tobogganing – oh yah and did I say hockey!!! Yes – I am a hockey mom. The ice just went in at the MidCoast Recreational Center this past Friday. I have been watching on Facebook and am delighted that this is the earliest the rink has been completed. My kids will start playing any day now.

Here in the midcoast we love ice. The Camden Public Library will once again install the outside ice skating rink at the Camden Amphitheatre. The Camden Winterfest will delight guests with ice sculptures that form a wonderful ice garden for almost the entire month of February. You can almost guarantee that Natalie’s will have its famous Ice Bar during the Toboggan Nationals.

I love climbing the Maiden Cliff Hike Trail in the winter. The water fall on the hike is frozen over and the ice is fantastic. From the top of the trail you overlook Lake Megunticook and get a great view of winter in Maine. The lake is frozen over and is home to several ice fishing shacks, snow mobilers and cross-country skiers. To play pond hockey – you must bring a shovel and a broom to find the ice and create your rink.

If you grew up in a city and only know winter as an inconvenient time of the year, you really should come to the mid coast of Maine. Winter is more than dirty snow and slippery back roads. I grew up in Staten Island NY, and I never really appreciated winter until I moved here.

Winter is my favorite time of the year. I am hoping for lots of snow, cold temperatures and plenty of ice. I could write more about winter but realized I already have a whole web page dedicated to winter in the midcoast

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